OxC-beta for optimised health


Ever wonder what makes a carrot orange? 

It’s β-carotene, just one of over 600 carotenoids belonging to a family of compounds with members present in every photosynthetic plant on Earth.   But it’s not just about esthetics.  β-Carotene is an important precursor to vitamin A – an indispensible carotenoid derivative that has gained massive popularity in the health and beauty market.

What recent studies are now showing, however, is that there are benefits inherent in the β-carotene that go beyond just vitamin A and can actually be attributed to other non-vitamin A carotenoid derivatives formed during the full oxidation of the β-carotene molecule.

Sound complex? That’s because it is.  But let’s see if we can simplify it just a little.

β-Carotene: It's not just for carrots anymore

If you were to take the β-carotene molecule and break it up by adding in oxygen you would get a complex mixture of carotenoid derivatives that have shown many beneficial effects on the health and well-being of our four-legged canine pals.  These carotenoid derivatives are unique and distinctly different from vitamin A, which results from a specific enzyme-driven reaction within the gut of humans and animals.

In other words, in order to unlock the full benefits of β-carotene it must first be fully oxidized, a process that occurs naturally and spontaneously in nature.  This oxidation process results in the full destruction of the β-carotene molecule itself and the production of a whole host of oxidation products that have important non-vitamin A health benefits.

So why not just eat more carrots?  Turns out it’s not as simple as that. 

OXC-Beta: A diamond in the rough

While the process of carotenoid oxidation occurs naturally in the plant world, the products of that oxidation reaction are present in such minuscule amounts that it would be physically impossible to get the full benefit just by increasing the quantity of vegetables you eat. 

Enter OxC-beta, a formulation of fully oxidized β-carotene derivatives that has shown some extremely promising benefits for humans and animals alike.

According to clinical and laboratory studies carried out by Dr. Jamie Nickerson and his Avivagen team, OxC-beta has been shown to have the unique ability to prime an organism’s innate immune system. 

A primed innate immune system means that an organism is better prepared to fend off foreign attackers such as bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances.  And with less energy being expended on fighting off bad guys, the body can use that energy to keep things running at optimum levels.

While it may take some time for this research to hit the human health market, our four-legged canine friends are able to benefit from this research right now making them the first species to utilize the inherent powers contained in the β-carotene molecule.


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