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Your pet's immune system is critical to his or her overall health and well-being.  Without it your pet would be unable to defend itself against the multitude of bacteria and viruses that exist in the environment. The immune system is a large and complex defensive network that can be broadly divided into two main branches, innate immunity and adaptive immunity.

Through the adaptive immune system we are able to acquire immune protection against infection by a specific pathogen through previous exposure to that pathogen. This ability to acquire specific immunity through previous exposure forms the rationale behind the common practice of vaccination. For years, the health care industry has focused on helping us and our pets to acquire immune protection against various pathogens by developing vaccines. Vaccines are designed to provide our adaptive immune system with the “prior exposure” it needs in order to acquire immunity against a specific pathogen without posing a risk of infection. Once our adaptive immune system has had a chance to “acquire immunity” it is ready to rapidly and effectively respond to future attacks from that pathogen.

Unlike the adaptive immune system, which can recognize and adapt to repeated exposure, the innate immune system is a more nonspecific system designed to keep harmful things out of the body.  It is the first line of defense against infection and forms vital connections with the adaptive immune system. 

In our pets, as well as in ourselves, the innate immune system is made up of organs such as the skin and the lining of the digestive and respiratory tracts; these organs form a barrier against invading pathogens. Specialized white blood cells known as monocytes & macrophages also play a critical role in innate immune defense. Together these organs and cells play a vital role in forming the front line defense against infection. An unhealthy innate immune system can lead to the development of disorders of the skin, digestive and respiratory tract and can have negative impacts on the ability of the adaptive immune system to respond effectively.

When the innate immune system is strong and healthy your pet is strong and healthy as well.  But when the system fails it puts your pet at risk of infection, inflammation and disease.

A healthy immune system is the body's best line of defence against infection. Supplements, such as Oximunol Chewables, that help to support a healthy innate immune system can help maintain your dog's health.

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