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Bo, 10 year old, happy Golden Retriever from PEI

My dog Bo was in a cast for 8 weeks after a surgery. She couldn’t climb stairs, jump on the bed, or get in and out of the vehicle. She also couldn’t swim or even go to the beach.


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Inflammation and your pet's health

You get a paper cut and within minutes you experience pain, redness and swelling. 

Not very pleasant, but you can thank your immune system for mounting the proper response to keep your body safe from harmful bacteria.

Unpleasant as it might be, this physiological response is a critical part of the body’s immune process.  Underneath that red, sore skin is a complex biological reaction that is aimed at keeping you safe and harmful pathogens out of your body.

When it comes to inflammation, our pet’s bodies are not much different from our own.  The same telltale signs of inflammation seen in ourselves can also be seen in our furry companions.

Sending out an SOS

When the body detects harmful pathogens, the damaged or injured cells in the immediate area send out distress signals that set the inflammatory response into action. 

Nearby cells also get involved, releasing a series of biochemical signals, known as cytokines, which radiate from the site of inflammation and form an important road map to allow white blood cells to locate the site of injury.

Once on the scene these white blood cells go to work engulfing and destroying the harmful pathogens and eliminating the associated threats.

Acute versus chronic

In acute inflammation, such as our paper cut, the immune system will mount an appropriate response, send out white blood cells and destroy any harmful microbes. 

Chronic inflammation, on the other hand, is the result of an immune system that has run amok causing the body to continue to release cytokines and the immune system to send out white blood cells unnecessarily. 

In the absence of any actual pathogens, the white blood cells will start to attack healthy tissue, which then prompts the release of more cytokines.

Without any external intervention this inflammation loop will continue unchecked, potentially causing damage to healthy cells and tissue.

Promoting a balanced inflammatory response naturally

Oximunol™ Chewable Tablets have been shown to support healthy functioning of the innate immune system and may help to promote a balanced inflammatory response.  

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