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Why is Oximunol beneficial to my dog?
Oximunol supports the body’s own natural defense mechanisms resulting in enhanced skin and coat quality, greater activity/walk enjoyment, and optimized gastrointestinal and general health.
How can one little tablet possibly offer all those benefits? 
Oximunol has the very unique ability to help your dog’s first-line immune defenses and at the same time support a healthy and normal inflammatory response. Taken together Oximunol’s diverse activities promote optimal immune function, which leads to far reaching benefits in many parts of the body.
What are Oximunol Chewable Tablets?
Oximunol™ Chewable Tablets are unique! No other supplement contains the bioactive ingredient OxC-beta. OxC-beta is obtained by the spontaneous, full oxidation of ß-carotene and is formulated into a convenient-to-use, flavoured, chewable tablet. Oximunol™ Chewable Tablets have been scientifically demonstrated to support your pet’s immune function.
What is ß-Carotene?
ß-Carotene, an organic compound that occurs naturally in the plant world, is a pigment responsible for the distinct red-orange colour of many fruits and vegetables. In addition to being a very important source of vitamin A, ß-carotene also reacts with oxygen to form oxidation compounds that contribute both to the fragrance of flowers and to the formation of pollen. Avivagen’s founding scientists realized that isolated ß-Carotene undergoes the same natural oxidation process with oxygen, forming OxC-beta, which contains many of these same oxidation compounds in a convenient, single proprietary product .
How is OxC-beta created from ß-Carotene?
The process to form OxC-beta occurs in nature by oxidation of ß-carotene but it is difficult to isolate the resultant product in a pure form from the plant material. Avivagen devised a process to reproducibly make OxC-beta by allowing ß-carotene to undergo spontaneous oxidation in the presence of oxygen. It was discovered that the resulting product has the ability to support immune function in animals. Nature has the answers and science has allowed us to harness its power, all in a little chewable tablet!
How does Oximunol work?
Oximunol has multiple modes of action including:

• Enhancing the innate immune system within the gut.
• Supporting a healthy and normal inflammatory response by promoting balance within the immune system. Sometimes inflammation within the body can spiral out of control; Oximunol can help limit this process.
How often do I give Oximunol to my pet?
Oximunol is a convenient, once-daily chewable supplement.
Are Oximunol Chewable Tablets difficult to give to my pet?
Most dogs take Oximunol as they would a treat! Over 80% of dogs readily accepted Oximunol in trials. If however, your pooch does not readily take Oximunol you can hide it in a Pill Pocket or a favourite treat.
How long do I need to give Oximunol to see a result?
All dogs have a different starting point and their immune systems will be under different levels of challenge depending on their individual health status. Therefore some dogs appear to respond more quickly to Oximunol than others. Generally it takes around three to four weeks for owners to notice a difference when using Oximunol, although we have had owners report results after as little as one week.
Is Oximunol a safe product?
Yes, when administered according to the “Instructions for Use” shown on the label Oximunol is a very safe product. In safety trials dogs were given more than 10 times the recommended dose of Oximunol and there were no adverse clinical or physical effects seen. If you have any concerns about safety please call 1-855-210-2355 to speak with one of our representatives or consult your veterinarian.
Is Oximunol safe for food allergic dogs?
In our experience with several thousand dogs we have not received any reports of adverse effects in food allergic dogs taking Oximunol. If you have any concerns about your food allergic dog please discuss the use of Oximunol with your veterinarian or call us at 1-855-210-2355 for further information.
Can I give Oximunol Chewable Tablets to my new puppy?
Oximunol™ Chewable Tablets can be given to healthy dogs as young as one month of age to support and encourage their own natural immune function. Senior pets can also greatly benefit from Oximunol™ Chewable Tablets!
Can I give Oximunol if my dog is on other supplements?
In our experience with several thousand dogs we have not received any reports of adverse reactions for dogs that are taking Oximunol in addition to other supplements. If your dog is receiving prescription medications we advise that you consult with your veterinarian to ask if Oximunol is right for your dog.  
Where can I purchase Oximunol Chewable Tablets?
Ask your veterinarian for Oximunol Chewable Tablets or purchase directly from Avivagen Animal Health, via this website. Stay tuned to this site for our upcoming launch of our new range of OxC-beta supplements.
Is Oximunol available for cats?
This is one of our most common questions! We are happy to say that safety trials are underway in cats and we are aiming to have a cat product on the market this year.
Where can I find more information on Oximunol?
Our website is the best source of information including success stories from people who have used Oximunol for their dogs, health related blogs and links to our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Or please feel free to call our Customer Service Line at 1-855-210-2355. We would love to hear from you!
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