How it all Began...

Around 20 years ago, when other researchers were focusing on Vitamin A, the most well known derivative of beta-carotene, Dr. Graham Burton, leading carotenoid researcher, was moving in a different direction. 

Vitamin A, as many know, is formed within the body when the beta-carotene molecule is split in half using oxygen molecules and a special enzyme-driven reaction in the gut.  What Dr. Burton wanted to know, however, was the biological significance of all the other compounds formed when oxygen and beta-carotene meet.

Until then, it was believed that the benefits to human health from carotenoids, such as beta-carotene, were the result of either natural transformation to vitamin A or antioxidant activity......


From humble beginnings, Avivagen is born

With so much focus on anti-oxidants it’s easy to see why few researchers were exploring the benefits of oxidation and yet, what Dr. Burton discovered was that the key to unlocking beta-carotene’s biological benefits was, indeed, oxygen.

Dr. Burton, along with his partner and Avivagen co-founder Dr. Janusz Daroszewski, named this complex molecular mixture of carotenoid derivatives OxC-beta. Since then, extensive scientific research has been carried out in order to understand how to optimize human and animal health using the innate healing potential of fully oxidized beta-carotene. 

Companion animal health was chosen as the first field in which to launch an OxC-beta product.  Avivagen Animal Health is the first step in bringing these types of natural, science-based products to pet owners as Oximunol Chewable Tablets. 

OxC-beta is also being researched for its possible benefits in human health, farm animals and aquaculture.


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