Our Mission


Oximunol is produced by Avivagen Animal Health Inc. Avivagen is dedicated to developing science-based, natural health products for companion animals that are proven in clinical trials and offer both pet owners and veterinarians alternatives to traditional treatments.

Our mission is to deliver quality products to our customers by adopting best practices and continually monitoring industry trends to match and exceed the future expectations of our customers. Our goal is to offer scientifically proven natural based solutions that can truly benefit companion animals by taking advantage of natural physiological mechanisms for maintaining optimal health.

For more information about Avivagen, please visit our website www.avivagen.com

"I would like to thank Avivagen for their outstanding customer service and support. This is a company that truly does value their customers! Kudos to you Avivagen!!!! :)"
Angela Hodgins VT, Hospital Administrator - Western Animal Clinic

Mackenzie Hodgins

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