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Oximunol a Godsend!

Three years ago we acquired an 11 year old miniature schnauzer (Lanny) - a rescue dog - who had existing skin issues (scaly skin and itching) that exploded into an intensity that had our veterinarian totally stumped. 

Oximunol has been a Godsend for our family!  

Three years ago we acquired an 11 year old miniature schnauzer (Lanny) - a rescue dog - who had existing skin issues (scaly skin and itching) that exploded into an intensity that had our veterinarian totally stumped.  Lanny lost most of his fur on his haunches and developed such intense itching that he would scratch and bite himself to bleeding.  Our vet tried every imaginable solution (change of diet, medications, creams, etc.) and absolutely nothing worked, until she suggested that we try Oximunol, which she had just discovered.   Within a few weeks of administering it to Lanny, his itching subsided, his skin healed and his fur started growing back.   We have continued giving him Oximunal daily, and today he looks better than he did when we got him, plus he never scratches (other than the usual occasional normal itches), and not only has his fur grown back, but the condition of his fur is incredible.   Some of our friends who we only see every now and then have frequently commented how great Lanny looks now compared to their first encounters with him in his mega-itchy, mostly bald days.

- Len & Lanny M. 

George's dry, flaky skin disappears after taking Oximunol Chewables

Our bull mastiff/chocolate lab George has had some coat issues for some time now. 

His skin was dry and he developed a lot of flaking on his back when he scratched. We tried several different foods over the past year to no avail. He has now been taking Oximunol for two weeks and the improvement in his coat health is nothing short of striking. His fur is shiny, soft and the flakes have completely disappeared!!!

- Peter Crooks

Cassius sheds no more with Oximunol Chewables

I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how incredibly happy I am with the Oximunol chewables. 

Cassius, my American Staffordshire/American Bulldog had been banished from the bed due to excessive shedding.  After using the Oximunol I can TRY to get hair out of him now and come up with almost nothing! He used to clog the drain in the bathtub two or three times during a bath - now I can bathe him and not have to clean the drain at all.

I've recommended Oximunol to my mom and a couple of my friends who have dogs with varying skin/coat issues and I'm hoping that they see the same amazing results that I have.

- Christina C (and Cassius!)

"Hope this wasn't a placebo test!" No, William, it was not! :)

We saw a positive difference in Pepper within a few days of starting the Oximunol. 

I hope that this wasn't a placebo test! Pepper's energy improved and so did the ablity to go up and down the stairs. I have a friend who also has a 10 year old dog; he would like to try your supplement. I will give him your e-mail address.

- William

Mom reports that Jersey is able to get off Prednisone after taking Oximunol Chewables!

Jersey has been doing well since starting the Oximunol Chewables.  

My vet  had recommended that I try these as an alternitive to prednisone for his Cutaneous Histiocytosis.  He had been on the prednisone at first but it wasn't doing much so I weaned him off of that and put him on the Oximunol and his lesions completely cleared!!

- Gillian B.


(Cutaneous histiocytosis is a benign form of histiocytosis in which there are small skin lesions around the head and neck which may come and go, and may or may not respond to treatment. Dogs with systemic histiocytosis also have head and neck lesions, with lymph nodes affected as well.

Source: University of PEI http://ic.upei.ca/cidd/disorder/histiocytosis)

Chelsea's chronic ear issues cleared up after taking Oximunol Chewables!

Thanks for checking up on my dog Chelsea - she is doing very well on the Oximunol!

Most notable is the change in her ears. She has, over the last two years, had chronic issues with her ears. They get almost a yeasty look to them and an odour along with inflammation.  Since taking the Oximunol tablets, her ears have completely cleared up!! I'm very pleased with the way things are going."

- Linda

Fergus scratches less and moves more with Oximunol

Just wanted to let you know that Fergus is doing very well on the Oximunol Chewables!

He is still taking his Oximunol and is much less itchy than in the past, his hair is thicker and shinier than before (he was losing it) and he seems more agile. Fergus is almost 9 and was starting to have problems getting up on the sofa and bed.  We have noticed however, that whereas he used to be a very fussy eater, since beginning to take Oximunol he seems to be a bottomless pit.  This is good as he always was a little underweight and at times would go on hunger strikes.

We're really glad we found Oximunol for Fergus and we will continue to use it.

- Linda (& Fergus)

Tess doing GREAT on Oximunol!

Tess is doing great in all aspects of the alleged benefits of Oximunol!

Her mobility is greatly increased and two weekends ago, after a long walk on the dyke and many runs at the flocks of geese as well as some swims, she completely amazed us by not requiring her Deramaxx as usual.  The next day she was once again raring to go!  Her shedding has greatly decreased as well.  We actually noticed these changes in Tess within the first week of her taking her new "magic pill"!

Thanks so much! 

- Vicki and Ray 

George's owners 'blown away' by changes after using Oximunol

We are absolutely blown away at the changes in George’s coat quality after using the Oximunol Chewables.

I posted on your blog before leaving for vacation and have more to report since. He has been taking the Oximunol Chewables for a month now. The other day we pulled his kennel out to clean around it and discovered that there is barely any hair anywhere (that is usually NOT the case).  He has virtually stopped shedding! His coat is thicker, shinier, and the dandruff has completely gone in a month.

- Peter

Oximunol gives Steve his dog back

I got your product as a part of the online Oximunol 50 Day Challenge for my 13 year old black lab.

He was showing his age, slow to move around, no silly look on his face.  We started him on the Oximunol Chewables and he has started to move around again with no pain!  He even sat up and begged for a cookie - something he has not done for at least 3 years!  He is having fun again, at least according to the goofy grin on his face...

You have given me back my dog. Thank you!      

- Steve

After trying Oximunol Chewables Frankie is more energetic and keener to explore!

It is hard to describe the change in Frankie since starting on the Oximunol...

He used to be reluctant to go on walks... sort of a homebody.  Now, Frankie doesn't need any encouragement to go on a walk!  He is more energetic  and keener to explore.  In the house, he seems more attentive, or engaged, or something.  There is something different for sure!

- Jane

Bella The Wonderdog even more wonderful with Oximunol!

The change in Bella's mobility since starting the Oximuol has been quite noticeable.

The very obvious stiffness in her hips that she had when lifting herself up from a lying down position has almost disappeared!!  And, while it is difficult to measure, she does seem to shed less as well.

- Craig

Jake's skin & ear infections helped with Oximunol Chewables

Our 6 year old yellow Labrador, Jake, has had nothing but fabulous and positive results on Oximunol.

He was previously chronically inflicted with ear infections, which required lengthy and repeated does of oral antibiotics as well as multiple topical solutions that we applied to his ear.

Since starting Oximunol 10 months ago, he has had only one mild ear irritation (which we cleared by simply cleaning more frequently), and otherwise, has clear ears, a shiny coat, greatly improved overall health and mobility. He suffered so much with ear and skin infections over the last two years that it is a miracle to see him so healthy and without deep infection and irritation. We have almost hit September without a trip to the vet for any antibiotics or ear solutions!!!

Oximunol has been a wonder supplement for our wonderful dog and we are very pleased and relieved to have discovered something so helpful and healthy for our dog.  Jake is the first to kitchen in the morning to get his Oximunol tab - even he knows it's the treat he just has to have!

Thank you for creating such a miracle supplement that has made such an incredible improvement to our wonderful dog, Jake!

- M. Winger (& Jake!)


Squirt's skin issues helped by Oximunol

We in this house LOVE (Oximunol)!!!

Gave Squirt a bath the other day for the first time since he's been on Oximunol, and normally, I would have to empty the hair catcher in the drain (laundry sink) like 20 times...Didn't have to empty it more than once. I don't have to pull out the vacuum every day, and most importantly, he is much much happier!

I've been pushing Oximunol to everyone that will listen. I even called my vet clinic and told them about it! Planning on dropping by to show them how well Squirt is doing because they've seen me struggling with his skin issues since he was a pup :)

- Marianne & Squirt

Phoenix's vet "floored" with mobility improvements after using Oximunol

Our vet, who does more physical therapy, was really floored with the amount of flexibility/decrease in the swelling around Phoenix joints (after using Oximunol).

I know none of the meds will make him 100% better, but Oximunol has truly helped with his mobility levels.  His joints seem less painful as well!

The pain meds Phoenix is currently on are for bone spurs/growths that have been bothering him. Our vet hopes that right now it's not cancerous, and that they should fuse back into the bones on his front legs (stabilizing them more), which I know Oximnuol won't help with, however the relief his joints have been feeling since he has been on the Oximunol is incredible.  We still do his daily stretches/messages, but he is more willing to run and play with his siblings, Arwen and Brinx.  

I had hoped since he has done so well on the Oximnuol to be able to finish 2 more obedience titles , and 2 rally titles, however with the new development of the bone spurs, I had to make the decision to retire him from showing.  I would rather work on his quality of life instead, and I know that Oximunol is really helping with that, even if its only taking some of the pressure/inflammation off of his joints.  

I think it's a fabulous supplement, and I am really glad our vet suggested it to us (and that we did the Oximunol trial).  I will continue to recommend it to my friends and family, because I have seen first hand what it can do :)  

- Meags

Lainey has tons of energy and beautiful coat with Oximunol

Lainey has no major symptoms, but being so tiny and fussy I felt she wasn't getting all the nourishment she needed.

I had been looking for something for her in the past couple of years (she will be 3 in May) that could be added to her diet that wouldn't be totally rejected by her.  I've tried powdered prebiotics/probiotics but it was a waste of money as she wouldn't eat the food that I put it in.  We were introduced to Oximunol in February at the Doggie Expo in Halifax.  I've been giving her 1/2 tablet daily - I just pop it in her mouth so it's easier to give. I feel that she is less-fragile than before - she sure has tons of energy and her coat is beautiful!  Her bark might even be a little bit louder.  Ha ha! :)

- Janet & Lainey Dream Bebe

Noodle uses Oximunol

"Noodle is doing great (on the Oximunol Chewables)!

I've noticed a HUGE difference with his shedding and it's just so great!!

Thank you so much!" 

- Megan & Noodle (featuring Knox in the background!)

Jake & Lady doing GREAT on Oximunol Chewables!

We have 2 dogs: Lady, a 6 year old shih-poo, and Jake, a 10 month old English Bulldog/Bull Mastiff mix.

Lady hasn’t had any health problems yet but we decided to put her on (Oximunol Chewabels) to help reduce shedding when her hair needs to be longer in the winter time.  She loves to jump all the time and we're also hoping the supplement will help to prevent future joint problems.

Jake is a big hair dispensing baby!  He loves to always be next to you and loves to be on the couch.  Needless to say, shedding was a HUGE problem. After about 2-3 weeks on Oximunol the shedding was at least 80 percent less!

We are very impressed with Oximunol and Lady & Jake love to have them as treats everyday. We will continue to use this product and have recommended it to a few people and they are trying it as well. 

- Ashley and Lori Lainey

Bella & Lady see results in only two weeks with Oximunol

Thank you to Alana (Avivagen Customer Service) for introducing us to the Oximunol Chewable tablets This supplement has changed our dogs' lives!  We couldn’t believe how fast and how good they work.

We have two dogs, Bella and Lady. Before we started using the Oximunol Chewables, Bella had bad back legs and could hardly walk some days and both dogs were really bad for shedding hair.  We started giving the Oximunol to the dogs and started to see a difference.  Within about 2 weeks the shedding of hair was going away and Bella was able to run and play again with Lady!  Thanks again!

- Khristy Acorn & Trevor Billard

Milo swims again with Oximunol Chewables

I have a 9 year old Chocolate Lab named Milo.

In October 2011 Milo broke his leg. After the x-rays I got the sad news that his leg had cancer in the bone and was full of arthritis. He was very stiff and limped every day. I gave him aspirin on a daily basis. Then I went to the PEI 2012 Home Show where I was given a bottle of Oximunol Chewables....

Now, Milo no longer limps! He hasn't had any aspirin since he started taking the Oximunol and he is full of life again. I see the puppy in him everyday! We even went to the beach the other day and Milo swam for 2 hours (an activity we had to stop doing last summer)!  AND he had no stiffness or limping afterwards! Words cannot describe what Oximunol has done for him.  They have kept my best friend in my life and for that I am forever grateful!!

P.S - This made me cry writing it, I will definitely be spreading the word about this product, it means so much to me and Milo!! 

- Pam R. & Milo

A whole family of dogs benefit from Oximunol Chewables!

Just wanted to let you know that our dogs (Molly & Miki) are doing well with the Oximunol.  But the great story is my Mom and Dad’s dog, Missy. 

Missy was so sore she could hardly get up and down the stairs and now she is running around like a little puppy again!  In fact, my Dad has mentioned it to others who have gone and purchased Oximunol and they are also seeing great results with their dogs as well!!

- Debby

St John Ambulance Therapy Dog uses Oximunol

This Golden Retriever who helps others can use some help, too.

I have a Golden Retriever with dwarfism & who was born without eyes. I have always noted that he has no 'stamina' & just a short walk would tire him for the day. Well... not as of 8 wks ago!!!

He keeps up with his Border Collie sisters now!! He's always ready for another walk or a longer stay at his placement as a St John Ambulance Therapy Dog! The residents at Participation House thank you Oximunol!

One year later......

Smiley has now also gone one full year without any Prednisone or Vanectyl P - which was used to alleviate his itchy, red skin. I am so thankful for Oximunol - he is a happier dog now because of it ... and so am I. I didn't even mention how little I'm finding the gold coloured dust bunnies around the house!! Or how the residents & nurses aren't covered in golden coloured fur every Wednesday! Thank you Avivagen!


Bo uses Oximunol after surgery

My dog Bo was in a cast for 8 weeks after a surgery. She couldn’t climb stairs, jump on the bed, or get in and out of the vehicle. She also couldn’t swim or even go to the beach. I started giving her Oximunol. After 3 – 4 weeks she started to bear weight.

Her quality of life increased. And today, she is running around and she’s back to her old self.

– Lana

Rocket uses Oximunol

Since starting Rocket on Oximunol, his fur is a lot softer. I would strongly recommend Oximunol for anyone with concerns for their pet’s coat or skin condition.

It’s great and they’ll see a big difference.

– Doris Pool

Sheba uses Oximunol for her skin

Sheba used to chew her skin until it was raw.

After Oximunol, she stopped chewing immediately and within a week, her skin healed over.

– Madeline

Pushka uses Oximunol for horse injury

Pushka was injured by a horse several years ago, which prevented her from being able to get up without my help.

Within a week of trying Oximunol, I started to see improvements in Pushka’s mobility. Now, she gets up on her own and she’s walking better.

– Chantelle

English Mastiff with allergies uses Oximunol

Allergies can be hard on a pet, find out what happened to Rogue.

"Just a while ago I went to Woofstock in Toronto and filled out info about my 4 yr old English Mastiff Rogue. She has allergies really bad.. she gets it so bad that its seems like her skin is on fire. She chews and yelps and rips her hair out.. I tried your product and I am so happy! She is so much better her hair has grown back, she is happier, and almost all her spots are not itchy. I love it! She loves it!"

-Terry-Lyn (& Rogue)

2 year-old Yorkie/Maltie now uses Oximunol

Little dogs sometimes have big problems. China did. 

"China is a little dog that is part Yorkie and part Maltese.  She has had a lot of bones broken in her lifetime (she is only two years old!). (Since starting the Oximunol Chewables) we have noticed her hair is softer, thicker, and she appears much happier then ever before.  She requires less brushing and she prances like a reindeer!  She will always be shy and timid, but now she doesn't hide all day long."

-Donna (& China)

Nifty, a 16 year old Australian Shepard, uses Oximunol

Find out what Nifty's mom had to say.

"I absolutely am floored by how Nifty (now 16 year old Australian Shepherd) has improved on Oximunal ... how can I order it online? Her movement is MUCH better, she is spunkier, not acting like a 16 year old dog at all!

Thank you for the opportunity to try her on it, I am totally sold on the product."

-Kim (& Nifty)

Brittany Spaniel with bone disease and valgus deformity uses Oximol

Find out what happens when getting around is getting too tough.

"I would just like to share with others my great experience with the Oximunol product from Avivagen. I had the opportunity to sign up for the 50 day trial of the Oximunol for my brittany spaniel, Sam. He was diagnosed with HOD when he was 5 months old.  As an adult he suffers from a severe valgus deformity. Now 6 years later and trying different "mobility" and joint supplements including NSAID's, to make him comfortable we were introduced to the Oximunol. It worked wonders for him.

His activity level is back to normal running through fields and playing with his house mates. He no longer deals with terrible skin and hives that he was experiencing with some of the food products. He takes his daily Oximunol happily, which makes us very happy.

Thanks Avivagen!"
Sincerely, Joanne

(For those that don't know, HOD stands for Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy, a developmental bone disease that usually affects puppies between the ages of two and eight months. HOD occurs when there is a disturbance in the blood supply to the growth plate, leading to delays in bone production. This weakened bony lattice develops microscopic fractures, with the resulting inflammation causing pain and lameness.)

Overweight Golden Retriever uses Oximunol

Wendy has some things to say about her dog's experience with Oximunol.

"I have a 4 1/2 yr old Golden who is overweight and has a very "poofy" coat. We've made some recent changes in her routine with grain free food and more exercise, but I've noticed a huge change since starting Oximunol! I signed up for the (Oximunol 50 Day) Challenge, but didn't start Jazzy on them right away since I had just changed her diet.

Now I'm 4 days away from the end of the bottle and she's definitely got more pep to her step and there is a noticeable difference in her coat, particularly in the shedding department. Now I just have to find out where to get more!"

-Wendy Walker