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The natural approach to address quality of life for mature dogs.

OximunolTM is a natural dietary supplement that aims to help dogs, especially mature dogs, improve their quality of life. Oximunol supports the immune system which is vitally important in maintaining optimal health. 

Science-based, proven in clinical trials.

Optimized health in a chewable tablet, OximunolTM is scientifically formulated containing the proprietary, patented active ingredient OxC-beta. OxC-beta is a highly concentrated version of oxidized derivatives of carotenoids that are found naturally and extensively in the plant world. Oximunol works with a dog’s own immune system to optimize overall health and well-being, including:

*  Promotes and supports healthy joint function
*  Promotes and maintains normal mobility
*  May help discomfort associated with normal daily activity
*  Enhances healthy condition of skin and coat.
*  Leads to maintenance of normal intestinal function

Oximunol™ Chewable Tablets have the following features:

*  Highly palatable beef flavour (no products of bovine or porcine origin)
*  Available in 5mg and 20mg sizes for precise dosing

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